Our research ecosystem includes cutting edge facilities and equipment that can be used by partners to find innovative solutions to their real-world problems.

Iconic labs

  • ANFF-VIC Biointerface Engineering Hub

    ANFF-VIC Biointerface Engineering Hub

    The ANFF-Vic Biointerface Engineering Hub at Swinburne focuses on synthetic and biological components to create materials and surfaces with new properties.

  • Pattern of hexagon

    Nanofabrication Laboratory

    Our Nano Lab is the first lab in the world to combine two complementary techniques that enable both 2D and 3D fabrication and modification of nanoparticles.

  • Computers at smart structures lab, machinery in background

    Smart Structures Laboratory

    The Smart Structures Laboratory here at Swinburne paves the way for the next generation of structures and thoroughly tested construction materials.
  • Abstract blue colour light burst.

    Solar Facility

    The Solar Facility here at Swinburne is a dynamic collaboration between university and industry and is driving improvements in the efficiency and affordability of solar technology. 

  • Asian woman reaching for virtrual, digital brain

    Swinburne Neuroimaging

    Our Neuroimaging facility supports cutting-edge research into the brain and its disorders. We’re the international field leaders and boast Australia’s fastest human brain imaging system. 

  • Swinburne supercomputing: OzSTAR and Ngarrgu Tindebeek

    Our OzSTAR supercomputing facility here at Swinburne has proven to be an excellent research tool in areas of astronomy ranging from simulations of structure formation in the universe to the processing of data collected from telescopes.

  • Mauna Kea Observatory

    W. M. Keck Observatory

    Swinburne has access to the world's largest and most productive telescopes — the Keck telescopes in Hawaii. Explore this facility and discover the work we do here.

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Our $200m commitment to world-class research 

Our world-class research facilities and equipment are housed across two of our most architecturally striking centres located at our Hawthorn campus — the Advanced Manufacturing Design Centre (AMDC) and the Advanced Technologies Centre (ATC). Both have a 5-star green star rating by the Green Building Council of Australia

Virtual tour of the AMDC

Advanced Manufacturing and Design Centre

The Advanced Manufacturing and Design Centre (AMDC) is a state-of-the-art facility that gives researchers and students the opportunity to use the latest manufacturing and design techniques and technologies.

Looking from the outside in

Advanced Technologies Centre

The Advanced Technology Centre (ATC) is our front door, showcasing leading-edge research facilities and teaching spaces, as well as architectural design and sustainability.

Research platforms and initiatives

  • A woman wearing visual equipment reaches out to touch an object in augmented reality

    Platforms and initiatives

    Swinburne has a number of strategic platforms and research initiatives that are designed to help partners find innovative solutions to their real-world problems. 

  • The state-of-the-art Advanced Manufacturing & Design Centre is our 5-star green star building for research

    Research institutes

    Swinburne's research institutes drive multidisciplinary collaboration, linking researchers with industry, business and community to maximise research impact.

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Whatever your query, please contact the research team on +61 3 9214 4859 or via research@swinburne.edu.au.

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