The Iverson Health Innovation Research Institute’s overarching vision is to identify, understand and solve real-world health challenges across the human lifespan. Providing an evidence base for innovation in personalised healthcare, our Institute strategically cultivates connections both within Australia and across the globe, drawing on existing partnerships and forging new ones from research, industry and government.

Our key capabilities


Digital Healthcare

Personalised Healthcare

Our research

We exploit Swinburne’s expertise in mental health, neuroscience, ageing, disability, bioengineering, data science, digital technologies, design and social science to pursue our core research programs.

Our people

Our Institute is named after Professor Don Iverson, the Inaugural Executive Dean of the Faculty of Health, Arts and Design at Swinburne and an internationally acclaimed academic leader and researcher in health and medical sciences.

Our partners

  • Professor Nilmini Wickramasinghe holding her DiaMonD (Diabetes Monitoring Device)

    Our highlights

    Read about the events we’ve been part of, significant partnerships and important outcomes from the Iverson Health Innovation Research Institute.

  • “Hard challenges need places to provide innovators the ecosystem to think outside the box, navigate complex research industry and societal challenges, and build not only the solution, but the ecosystem to support the realisation of that solution in everyday lives. Iverson = Impact.”

    Professor Robert Gorkin , CEO Eudaemon Technologies

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Get in touch if you are interested in doing a PhD or a post-doctoral role looking at real-world heath challenges and innovations across the lifespan.



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