Swinburne’s Space Technology and Industry Institute combines internationally competitive capabilities in astrophysics, aerospace, aviation, advanced manufacturing and artificial intelligence to tackle challenges at the forefront of human understanding and imagination.

The new institute will propel innovation and economic growth in a global sector projected to be worth $1 trillion by 2040. It fosters education at every level, from vocational training to PhD.

Swinburne's space technology capabilities

Swinburne's space technology capabilities

Learn more about space technology at Swinburne and how we are paving the way by combining our globally renowned capabilities in astrophysics, aerospace, aviation, engineering, advanced manufacturing, and digital technologies.

Our research

The Space Technology and Industry Institute collaborates with future-focussed industry partners to identify needs, design solutions and develop technologies in a range of fields central to the space sector.

Our people

Our team comprises experts in aerospace technology, and next-generation design and manufacturing.

Space science and technology courses

School-leavers, current students and professionals can all find courses to propel them into the next generation of space technology innovators. Explore our range of courses today.

  • Space Technology

    When you study space technology at Swinburne, you'll explore the most exciting topics in space science, such as: microgravity science, space environment, and space entrepreneurship.

  • Aviation

    Our aviation courses take you on a transformative journey through an industry on the forefront of business and technology. We provide you with the essential study areas of this multifaceted field.

  • Youth Space Innovation Challenge

    Secondary students can design and lead an experiment that blasts off to the International Space Station each year through the Swinburne Youth Space Innovation Challenge.

Work with us

We have a talented group of scientists and engineers with a broad range of expertise across space technology – we can work with you to drive innovation and help solve your complex problems.

  • Get in touch

    Tell us your challenges, ideas or big questions, and we’ll work with you to share our expertise. Call us on +61 3 9214 5177 or email spaceinstitute@swinburne.edu.au.

  • Come together

    Relevant experts from our team will work with you to create ideas and identify possible solutions to the challenges we are facing.

  • Resource

    If the project needs funding, that is something we can tackle together with various opportunities to explore.

  • Find the solutions

    We design and implement a research project to address the issues at hand and deliver innovative, achievable solutions.


The Space Technology and Industry Institute can connect you to the innovative work of Swinburne’s internationally renowned Centre for Astrophysics and Supercomputing as well as the three Australian Research Council Centres of Excellence that Swinburne is a part of:

Lunacy - 3MT Asia-Pacific WINNER

Congratulations Matthew Shaw, a PhD candidate in the Space Institute whose presentation on the production of metal on the Moon took home both the first place prize and the peoples’ choice award this year in the university competition. Matthew and his presentation ‘Lunacy’ went on to win at the 2021 Virtual Asia-Pacific 3MT Final against 7 other finalists from Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore. Well done Matthew.

Matthew Shaw (3MT 2021 Competition)
View transcript

The 3MT competition challenges PhD candidates to present their thesis in an engaging way to a lay audience in three minutes or less. It takes competitors months to hone their scripts and practice the speech to make sure that it is engaging and informative. Presenters this year spanned many areas of research including engineering in neuroscience, shorebird mapping, movement motivation, archaeology, and many more. All the finalists’ presentations are available to watch on the Swinburne Commons.

Space junk

Professor Alan Duffy, astronomer and director of the Space Technology and Industry Institute discusses how Australia’s helping to fight the snowballing threat of space junk.

In a bid to avoid the Kessler Syndrome, a disastrous chain reaction of colliding debris in orbit, artificial intelligence (AI) will play a crucial role in determining a system of space safety.

Swinburne University and partners are engaging in a project called ‘Responsible AI in Space’, a collaboration between space scientists, law and policy experts, the space industry, government and practitioners in the emerging field of AI assurance.

Read the full article in The Age.

Engagement and highlights

The Swinburne Space Technology and Industry Institute team and invited guests.

Space Technology and Industry Institute Showcase

Held 2 March 2023, this showcase highlighted the work of Swinburne’s Space Technology and Industry Institute and the partnerships it has forged with industry leading organisations. The event was hosted by founding Institute Director Professor Alan Duffy, with Swinburne Chief Scientist Professor Virginia Kilborn welcoming delegates and partners.

Featured speakers included Dr Timo Stuffler, Director of Business Development at OHB System AG in Munich, and Ms Lynette Tan, Chief Executive at Singapore Space & Technology Ltd; and panels comprising leading industry professionals shared details of cutting-edge research.

The showcase saw wonderful engagement and feedback from participants, highlighting critical skills and challenges to assist in focusing the institute’s strategy. There was positive interaction between staff, colleagues and industry partners, with networking opportunities for research professionals.

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