At Swinburne, we cultivate and respect the strength that difference and cultural diversity creates. 

Through our Charter of Cultural Diversity, our diverse community and the many cultural events we host each year, Swinburne continues to be a role model for multicultural excellence.

Swinburne was the first university in Australia to launch a Charter of Cultural Diversity. It reaffirms and extends acknowledgement and respect for the many cultures that make up the Swinburne community. 

The Charter is underpinned by a set of Cultural Objectives, with initiatives in the areas of Culture and Capability, Teaching and Learning, Research and Development, Engagement and International Collaboration. 

Charter of Cultural Diversity [PDF 1.1MB] 

This Charter reaffirms and extends this acknowledgement and respect to the many cultures that make up Swinburne’s diverse community. 

Cultural Diversity Objectives [PDF 3.56MB] 

This document outlines the general principles set out in the charter and translates these principles into specific objectives to provide academic and organisational direction.

Community engagements and achievements

We are working on many projects to improve the integration of cultural diversity across our university community. Learn about these as well as the achievements and awards we have received so far. 

Our commitment in action

At Swinburne, we care deeply about fostering inclusion through action which is why we provide support services, training and advice to our students and staff. 

Students can access a range of health and wellbeing resources including the asylum seeker and refugee support services or spiritual care facilities.

Staff members can build cultural mindfulness through our Cultural Competency Training Program. To learn more about this course, please contact

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