Manufacturing for space is a rapidly growing industry in Australia with unique problems that require innovative solutions;  from designing materials to developing large-scale construction techniques.

Led by Dr Lachlan Hyde, the Space Manufacturing program is working with a range of industry partners, including Ewingar Scientific, to tackle these big challenges.

Manufacturing for space often requires a highly iterative approach with a need for rapid prototyping – additive manufacturing, or 3D printing, is an ideal way to explore ideas and concepts in this area. In some cases, large area construction in space is only possible by manufacturing in orbit, posing novel challenges to the sector.

Our research areas

Drawing from a strong research and manufacturing culture, this program is active across three key areas:

  • Large Area Construction – developing space deployable structures for large area construction to meet the needs of future space projects.
  • Radiation Hardening – meeting the needs of long-term space flight to Mars by designing new materials and incorporating innovative approaches that minimise the impacts of radiation. This work aims to improve safety for future astronauts and will utilise the Smart Experiment Platforms detailed in the Microgravity Experimentation program.
  • Thermal Management – thermal regulation is important for long term food sources during space flight. This work will address the longstanding issue of thermal management in space in sensitive environments suitable for growing food. This will utilise the Smart Experiment Platforms detailed in the Microgravity Experimentation program.
  • A rocket entering the space above the clouds

    NASA's New Black

    Discover how program leader Dr Lachlan Hyde helped develop a technology to increase the sensitivity of NASA’s spacecraft instruments, without increasing their size.

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