A Swinburne overseas internship will provide you with sought-after industry experience that will help you stand out from the crowd of other graduates when it comes to getting a job. You can even gain academic credit for your overseas internship.

Overseas internships are usually short-term, unpaid opportunities in an area relevant to your studies. Longer-term overseas placement programs (6 - 12 months) are usually paid opportunities.

Swinburne partners with providers who can help you source an overseas internship and arrange visas, accommodation and social activities.   

Summer 2023/24 internships

  • Kek Lok Si Buddhist Temple in Penang, Malaysia

    Engineering internships in Malaysia

    Spend your summer gaining valuable engineering industry experience in Malaysia’s dynamic capital, Kuala Lumpur. 

  • Skyline of Berlin (Germany) with TV Tower at dusk

    $1,000 Swinburne Abroad Travel Grants Available

    Internships in Berlin

    Gain work experience in the home to creativity, the arts, and a booming start-up scene.

  • Sunset over the skyline in Seoul, South Korea.

    New Colombo Plan Scholarships available

    Internships in South Korea

    Turn a six-week internship in South Korea into hands-on industry experience during your summer break. 

  • Skyline with Landmark 81, Ho Chi Minh City

    New Colombo Plan Scholarships available

    Internships in Vietnam

    A growing hub for IT and technology start-ups, Vietnam is a great place to spend your summer interning at a local organisation. Spend your semester break doing an overseas internship and combine the adventure of living in another country and gaining valuable industry-skills with a Vietnam internship.

  • Thean Hou temple Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

    New Colombo Plan Scholarships available

    Internships in Malaysia

    Spend your summer gaining valuable industry experience in Malaysia’s dynamic capital, Kuala Lumpur. 

  • View of Senso-ji Temple, the oldest temple located in Tokyo

    $1,000 Swinburne Abroad Travel Grants Available

    Internships in Japan

    Experience the eclectic mix of old cultural charm and fast-paced future development in Tokyo, Japan. 

  • Old Hill Street Police Station in Singapore

    New Colombo Plan Funding Available

    Internships in Singapore

    Gain international industry experience and form connections, in one of the most globalised economies in the world.

  • View of the city of Prague with a bridge and boat in view

    $1,000 Swinburne Abroad Travel Grants Available

    Business and IT Internships in Prague

    Intern in Prague this summer and discover fascinating culture, exquisite architecture, world-class museums, concerts and festivals in the heart of Europe.

  • View of a towering temple from the water

    $1,000 Swinburne Abroad Travel Grants Available

    Internships in Thailand

    Turn a six-week internship in Thailand into hands-on industry experience during your summer break.

  • London panoramic with Westminster Bridge and The Houses of Parliament

    $1,000 Swinburne Abroad Travel Grants Available

    Internships in London

    Experience London with its buzzing creative scene and reputation as the epicentre of business and finance.

  • Statue of Liberty in New York City

    Applications now closed

    Creative internships in LA and New York

    Kick start your career in the creative industry with a 12-week internship in LA or New York and gain hands-on experience in your study area.

  • Berlin street during Berlin film festival

    $1,000 Swinburne Abroad Travel Grants Available

    Creative internships in Berlin

    Kick start your career in Film and Television, Marketing, Media or Design with a world-class experience on a creative company while enjoying the undeniable magic of Berlin.

Winter 2023 internships

Applications for Winter 2023 programs are now closed. 


Placements are longer-term overseas programs ranging from 6 - 12 months and are often paid experiences. Explore our overseas placement options below:

  • Close up of a computer board

    Placements in Germany

    Gain real-world, paid experience and equip yourself with valuable skills working with a leading-edge global partner in Germany as part of the Global Research and Industry Program (GRIP).

  • Placements in Malaysia

    Combine the hands-on experience in your field of studies while exploring stunning beaches, lush rice terraces, ancient temples and volcanoes.

Get in the know

  • Live and work in another country and culture
  • Develop independence
  • Build international career networks
  • Add global work experience to your resume
  • Gain academic credit  - it is possible to gain academic credit for an overseas internship. The type of credit you receive will depend on the degree you are studying. Learn more about gaining academic credit from overseas internships.

Specific eligibility requirements depend on the academic unit being utilised, but all students must meet the minimum program eligibility criteria below:

  • Completed at least 100CP (8 units)
  • Have an average weighted mark of at least 60%, OR if your average is 50–60%, satisfy additional assessment criteria
  • Have available space in your course for the applicable academic unit (domestic students may be able overload their degree)

  • Completed at least 25CP at the time of application 
  • Have an average weighted mark of at least 60% (or satisfy additional eligibility criteria if mark is between 50-60%)
  • Have available space in your course for the applicable academic unit (domestic students may be able overload their degree)

At Swinburne, we partner with internship providers who can help you source an overseas internship. 

With hundreds of industry partners in multiple overseas destinations, we can help find you an internship tailored just for you that includes visas, accommodation, in-country orientation, social and cultural activities and business networking events.  

 The internship providers that we partner with have in-country staff to provide 24/7 support. They are experts in all things internships, so you can feel confident that you are getting the best experience and support wherever you decide to do your internship.   

 Swinburne may run group internship programs with our internship providers, where we specify the dates, duration and location of an internship, and students will travel together to a destination and undertake internships during the same period. There are also independent internship program options, where you’ll still receive the same full support from our in-country partners and a customised internship role, but you won’t be with other Swinburne students. 

If you have a specific company you would like to work for overseas, or if you do not want an internship package, you can self-source an internship placement. Swinburne Abroad will help you to confirm if it is a suitable internship, and if you can receive academic credit for it. You won’t have the assistance of an internship provider to assist with visas, accommodation, in-country support etc. and will need to arrange these things on your own. 


Swinburne Abroad offers scholarships for overseas internship programs. These are advertised on our Fee Help and Scholarships page.


If you are undertaking an overseas internship for academic credit, you may be eligible for an OS-HELP Loan.

 The OS-HELP Loan is an Australian Government scheme for Australian students that provides funding for international study experiences. This loan is added to your HECS debt, which you do not have to repay until your income reaches the minimum repayment threshold.

 The maximum loan amounts in 2022 are:

  • $8,519 for destinations in the Asian region
  • $7,100 for destinations in any other region

For more information on funding see Fee Help and Scholarships.

You will apply for an OS HELP Loan as part of your online application, so you do not need to complete the PDF form found via the link above


Decide which group program will suit your studies and career goals.

Determine which academic unit you will use

Every internship is for-credit, and every student will be enrolled in to a unit of study whilst on their internship. The unit you utilize will depend on your course, and the duration of your internship program. Check out the options here.

Apply online

Submit an application online via our online application system (please note you need to complete both pages). You will select your desired internship program, as well as which academic unit you will utilize.

Receive an offer

If your application is successful, Swinburne Abroad will issue you with an offer into the internship program.

However, this does not guarantee acceptance from the internship provider or a host organisation. We will guide you along the process of applying to a provider and finding an organisation.

Apply to internship provider

Swinburne will guide you on how to apply to your internship provider. The initial application requires basic personal information, the industry sector you would like to intern in, and a copy of your resume.

Note: You must select an industry sector that is the closest match to your Swinburne course in order to receive academic credit for the experience.

Phone interview

Complete a phone interview with your internship provider. They will find out more about you, including your studies, skills, your interests and what you hope to gain from the internship. They will use this information to find a host organisation that is suitable for you and your studies.

Searching for a host organisation

Your internship provider will start the search for your host organisation. You may have Skype interviews with potential companies. Payment schedules differ between providers during this time. If eligible, we will guide you on how to apply for an OS HELP Loans and/or Overseas Internships Scholarships at this stage. 

Note: This part of the application process takes the longest. It is normal to receive final details of your internship up to four weeks from departure. You are not guaranteed a host organisation, but it is highly likely you will be placed in an internship.


Host organisation approval
Once you are allocated to a host organisation, Swinburne Abroad needs to conduct checks to confirm that it is a suitable placement for you and meets Swinburne’s academic requirements. An internship agreement will be prepared for signing by all parties.

Pre-departure steps
Once Swinburne has confirmed your host organisation, you can work with your internship provider to arrange all logistics such as flights, visas, accommodation etc. Swinburne offers free travel insurance to students (subject to requirements) which we will assist you with. You will attend a mandatory pre-departure session, and submit required travel documentation to Swinburne Abroad. We will ensure you are enrolled in the correct academic unit.


Depart for your internship
It is time to depart on your internship journey! Your internship provider will give you an in-country orientation and ensure you are settled in and familiar with your new city. They will assist you on your first day of work, and throughout your placement they will organise social, cultural and networking activities for you and other interns.

Complete your academic work
You will be enrolled into an academic unit for the duration of your internship, and you may need to complete assessments before, during and after the internship. It is your responsibility to check what academic work you need to complete and to stay in contact with the relevant academic staff.

Want free travel insurance?

Swinburne offers free travel insurance to students (subject to requirements). You will attend a mandatory pre-departure session and submit required travel documentation to Swinburne Abroad who will ensure you are enrolled in the correct academic unit.

Need help with your overseas internship?

Having trouble with the application process or do you just need a little more information? The friendly team at Swinburne Abroad are here to answer any questions you may have regarding your overseas internship. Call +61 3 9214 5926 or click the button below. 

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