In 2021, approximately A$5.6 million went towards these services and the same amount is expected to be allocated for 2022. 

It’s important to remember that this funding helps to improve everyone’s student experience at Swinburne. You may use many or just some of the services and amenities that the fee provides.

To get the most out of university life, discover some of the services the SSAF contributes to including: 

How much is the SSAF?

The Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF) differs per student. Your SSAF is a pro-rata fee calculated based on your course load, up to a maximum of A$315 per year.

Calculating your SSAF  

All higher education (online and on-campus) students pay the Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF). This includes all students who are enrolled in undergraduate, postgraduate and UniLink courses. 

The main student groups who are exempt from paying the SSAF are vocational education and international students.

How the fee is calculated 

Your SSAF is a pro-rata fee calculated based on your course load (number of credit points that you’re enrolled in), up to a maximum of A$315 per year. The charge per credit point is A$3.776.

For example, the SSAF for a typical 12.5 credit point unit is A$47.20 (12.5cp x A$3.776 = A$47.20).

Fee calculations by course type

The following tables summarise the fees that apply for standard and non-standard scenarios. Fees are based per course type, whether you are a full-time or part-time student (enrolled in <75 per cent of a full-time load for the year) and what mode of study you are undertaking (such as online, Professional Placement, etc.). 

Type of student Charge per credit point Maximum fee
Associate degree A$3.776 A$315
Local undergraduate A$3.776 A$315
Local postgraduate A$3.776 A$315
National Institute of Circus Arts (NICA) A$3.776 A$315
Staff A$3.776 A$315
Cross-institutional (outbound) A$3.776 A$315
Scholarship recipients
e.g. VC Scholarships, Dean Scholarships, external Scholarships, sponsored students (local)
A$3.776 A$315
Domestic Pathway (UniLink) A$3.776 A$315
Open Universities Australia (OUA) – Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP) A$3.776 A$315
Type of student Rule

Mix of Professional Placement and standard study in same course

Example: 1 x on campus unit while undertaking a Professional Placement for 12 months
12.5 credit points x A$3.776 = A$47.20

SSAF charged for on-campus unit at A$3.776 per credit point

Mix of on-campus and online study

Example: 2 x on-campus units and 5 x online units = 7 units
12.5 credit points x 7 units  = 87.5 credit points x A$3.776 = $315 maximum fee


3 x on-campus units and 3 x online units
12.5 credit points x 6 units  = 75 credit points x A$3.776 = A$283.20

SSAF charged per credit point up to A$315 maximum fee
Single course load is an overload i.e. > 1 FTE SSAF charge of A$315 maximum fee
Any combination of part-time and full-time load that exceeds > 1 FTE SSAF charged against full-time units only at $315 maximum fee

Some students are exempt from paying the SSAF. This includes students enrolled in the following courses or programs for 2022:  

  • vocational education courses 
  • international students in Australia (undergraduate, postgraduate and research) 
  • international students living overseas (Swinburne Online international) 
  • Astronomy Online 
  • exchange (outbound and inbound) 
  • Study Abroad (outbound and inbound) 
  • cross-institutional (inbound) 
  • Open Universities Australia (OUA) — single subject enrolment in a non-award course 
  • online taught by Industry Partner 
  • off-campus taught by Industry Partner 
  • domestic PhD and Masters by Research 
  • Recognised Prior Learning (RPL).
Can you defer a payment?

Yes, you may be eligible to defer payment of the Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF) using a government SA-HELP loan. Learn more about SA-HELP loans

Looking for past SSAF allocations?

What can the SSAF be spent on? 

The federal government states that universities must only use the SSAF funds for specific services. Find out what services the SSAF expenditure may and may not be spent on.

An overview of services that the SSAF can be spent on includes:  

  • providing food or drink to students on a campus of the higher education provider 
  • supporting a sporting or other recreational activity by students 
  • supporting the administration of a club most of whose members are students 
  • caring for children of students 
  • providing legal services to students 
  • promoting the health or welfare of students 
  • helping students obtain employment or advice on careers. 

What can't the SSAF funding be spent on? 

The fee cannot be used for the provision of academic services, nor can it be used to support political parties or the election of a person to a Commonwealth, State, Territory Parliament or Local Government body. 

Want to know more about the 2022 SSAF allocation process?

Read our 2022 Student Services and Amenities fee allocation process and review student consultations, expectations and priorities for expenditure in 2022.

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