The Victorian Hydrogen Hub team brings together expertise from across Swinburne University of Technology. Design Factory Melbourne engages an interdisciplinary team to lend their knowledge, skills and insights to diverse hydrogen challenges. The Factory of the Future responds to evolving hydrogen needs in the industry, getting business ready for a hydrogen economy.

Leadership team


Beatrice Haselroither
VH2 Administrator

Kate Hutcheson
Communications and Outreach Advisor

Skills Roadmap

Kerrin Pryor
Project Manager

Engagement – Design Factory Melbourne

Professor Anita Kocsis

Stefan Lodewyckx
Hydrogen Futures Researcher

Research Fellows

Madeline Van Dongen
VH2/AIR Hub Hydrogen Storage Technologies

Dr Bruce Organ
Decarbonising freight transport, Victorian Hydrogen Hub and iMOVE CRC

Dr Mahtab Jahantab
Hydrogen and renewable supply chain

Readiness – Factory of the Future

Associate Professor Prem Prakash Jayaraman
Director, Factory of the Future

Impact Masters scholarships

David Holder
Project thematic area: The role of hydrogen in decarbonising ports

Manashaa Madhavan
Project thematic area: Diversity in hydrogen

Tharindu Siyambalapitiya
Project thematic area: Decarbonisation options for reheat furnaces

Jan Wadowski
Reduction of iron ore using hydrogen

Impact PhD scholarships

Dorsa Alipour
Project thematic area: Energy model focusing on planning green urban freight transport networks using hydrogen as an alternative fuel

Gopal Pandey
Project thematic area: Use of Hydrogen in Steelmaking

Salim Hijazeen
Project thematic area: Hydrogen Adoption in Aviation

Siripond Mullanu
Project thematic area: Advanced data analytics for integrated energy systems

Aaron Bourke
Project thematic area: Investigation into how organic ligands modulate the activity of metal oxides for water oxidation catalysis – Improving the efficiency of power to X

Qurat Ul Ain Yasin
Techno-economic analysis of liquid organic hydrogen carriers

Ankit Jadhav
Hydrogen generator efficiency for performance enhancements for reducing ecological impacts

Zizhao Peng
Project thematic area: Additive manufacturing of lightweight structures for hydrogen powered vehicles

Bima Satritama
Silicon production using hydrogen

Md. Nasir Uddin
Techno-economic and life cycle assessment for renewable green fuels

Swinburne ecosystem

Professor Virginia Kilborn
Chief Scientist

Fiona Knowles
Director Learning Design & Innovation

Professor Alex Stojcevski
Dean of School of Science, Computing and Engineering Technologies

Professor Hussein Dia
Department Chair, Civil & Construction Engineering

Dr Adriano Di Pietro
Director, AIR Hub

Professor Zheng Lei
Department Chair, Aviation

Professor Akbar Rhamdhani
Director of Fluid and Process Dynamics (FPD) Group

Professor Dong Ruan
Department Chair, Mechanical and Product Design Engineering

Dr Joshua Allwright
Research Associate

Dr Carolyn Beasley
Senior Lecturer, Media and Communication

Professor Geoffrey Brooks
Professor, Engineering

Dr Tommy Cheung
Senior Lecturer, Aviation

Professor Kay Cook
Professor in the Department of Social Sciences

Associate Professor Hadi Ghaderi
Major Discipline Coordinator, Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Dr Rosalie Hocking
Senior Lecturer, Department of Chemistry & Biotechnology

Dr Ambarish Kullkarni
Senior Lecturer, Computer Aided Engineering

Dr Julian Oldmeadow
Senior Lecturer, Psychology

Associate Professor Mahnaz Shafiei
Vice Chancellor’s Research Fellow, Women in STEM

Professor Feng Wang
Professor, Chemistry

Dr Melissa Wheeler
Senior Lecturer, Management

Dr James Williams
Course Director Graduate Diploma of Psychology (Advanced)

Associate Professor Sam Wilson
Associate Professor, Management

Dr Ali Yavari
Director of the 6G Research and Innovation Laboratory

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