After completing my Diploma of Justice at Swinburne in 2018, I chose to come back and take on the Bachelor of Criminal Justice and Criminology. I had already attended another university and found the same course to be a poor fit for me. I knew that Swinburne was highly regarded in this space, which helped inform my decision.

This course covers many areas of study including criminology, law, psychology, sociology, and forensic psychology. My main interests have always been in crime and law but I knew that I didn’t want to specialise in certain areas. This degree allows me to remain broad when researching and theorising why crime occurs and how society can help reduce or prevent it from taking place.

Bachelor of Criminal Justice and Criminology student Skye has had a rewarding internship with IBAC. 

When the opportunity came up, I jumped at the chance to complete an internship with IBAC (Independent Broad-Based Anti-Corruption Commission). While this was daunting and exciting, this opportunity has allowed me to step into the world of criminology and get experience in field of corruption, investigation and managing complaints about police misconduct. My internship was invaluable in preparing me for post-university working life. As a result, I was in part-time employment during my final year and have secured an ongoing position in 2021. I’d love to be able to work with the operations/investigations unit of IBAC after a few more years of experience. 

My number one piece of advice is to grab every opportunity that is presented to you, no matter how small. I never planned on undertaking a placement or internship but took the chance anyway. Swinburne offers many resources and tools that’ll help you gain experience and build your resume, so students should seek and take advantage of these. I don’t believe that just having a degree is enough to break into an industry, as most fields in the criminal justice system want experience.

  • From Diploma to employment at IBAC

    After taking on the Diploma of Justice, Skye chose to come back and complete her Bachelor of Criminology and Criminal Justice. As part of her course, Skye chose to undertake an internship, which not only was turned into part-time employment while she was studying, but was a stepping stone for ongoing employment in 2021.

    Skye , Bachelor of Criminal Justice and Criminology

Another piece of advice would be to not wait until after graduation to get your name out there for possible employment. Some jobs follow processes that can take 12 weeks, six months or more. Don’t wait till you’ve finished your course, check out part-time opportunities and even apply for the next year’s graduate roles.

I have bounced back and forward as to what I wanted to do when I left university. I am someone who likes to have five to 10-year plans for my life. However, I found my career at IBAC completely by chance. This has taught me that you really are on a certain path in life and even if you’re in a job or degree that you don’t like, it’s leading you somewhere you need to be, or teaching you something that you need to learn – embrace it!

I am extremely supportive of Swinburne and thankful for their guidance and opportunities they have opened for me.

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