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What is an industry-linked project? 

At Swinburne, we embed industry-linked projects into our degrees so you get to explore your industry through practical experiences.

There are four types of industry-linked projects. Your degree might include just one or all four depending on your study area.  

Industry project 

You’ll team up with other students to work on a real project brief presented by one of our industry partners. They’ll work closely with you, providing advice, support, feedback and assessment. And, the best bit, if the solution meets their needs, they’ll use it.  

For their industry project, robotics and artificial intelligence students explored designs for a portable remote controlled robot with mesh networking and GPS capabilities in collaboration with Defence Science Technologies Group.  

Industry brief 

Our industry partners will brief you on an issue currently challenging their business. Then, you’ll work in teams, create a solution, and present your solution to the business for assessment.    

For their industry brief, teams of business students helped solve Bakers Delight’s tricky end of day waste problem by addressing inconsistencies in pick-up and finding an innovative solution.   

Industry standard 

You’ll undertake an activity in which you’ll solve problems using current standard industry practices, tools and approaches. In some instances, you’ll be guided by industry professionals.

For example, students in games and animation present original games they’ve created using industry standard tools at the massive PAX Australia event.   

Industry-related activity 

In these units, you’ll solve a genuine and tricky industry problem relevant to your industry. You’ll find solutions and explore how others may have tackled the issue through a range of case studies.  

For example, information technology students are asked to build a prototype restaurant-booking app. The app allows users to choose their preferred seats, table and time.

Ask Me Anything: Industry-Linked Projects

Ask Me Anything: Industry-Linked Projects

Hear David, Jae and Connor discuss their real industry experiences whilst completing an Industry-Linked Project.

Benefits of our industry-linked projects

Put what you’ve learned in the classroom into practice. These invaluable opportunities to work on industry and community projects are a chance to:

  • gain real insights into your chosen industry
  • work on real solutions to real industry and community problems
  • learn how to apply your knowledge to industry
  • improve your teamwork skills
  • in many cases, interact and network with industry professionals
  • develop your initiative and problem-solving capacity.

Course credit 

As a Swinburne student, you’ll complete an industry-linked project as part of a unit of study usually worth 12.5 credit points. 

Some industry-linked projects are worth 25 credit points and can run over one or two semesters.

See your course page for more information


Students will be charged standard unit tuition fees for industry-linked project units.

Industry project with real-world impact
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Industry and community projects are done as part of a unit of study and may be a requirement of your course. To discuss available units, speak with your course coordinator, or contact us for more information.

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