Open Day is just one day. But it’s a day that could change someone’s life (maybe even yours) and help build a brighter tomorrow.

Swinburne Open Day

When: Sunday 28 July, 10am – 4pm
Where: Hawthorn campus

What will I do on the day?

By volunteering at Open Day, you might:

  • welcome visitors to Swinburne’s Hawthorn campus
  • share your Swinburne experience
  • help visitors navigate their way around campus
  • answer questions 
  • keep everything running smoothly – including campus tours
  • hand out show bags
  • track attendance
  • restock supplies.

Want to know more?

Read on to see the full list of perks for student volunteers or discover how staff can get involved.  

Student volunteers

We couldn’t do it without you – new students want to hear your story. Plus, there are some pretty decent perks.

Perks for students

As a registered student volunteer, you’ll get:

  • to build your résumé with extra experience in customer service, communication and time management
  • a showbag of Swinburne kit that's yours to keep, including a t-shirt, bucket hat and drink bottle
  • to make new connections 
  • credited hours towards the Swinburne Student Life Volunteering Program 
  • lunch on us – we’ll give you a voucher to redeem lunch on the day
  • access to the Volunteering Hub at Open Day – packed full of snacks, games and a chill out zone
  • free food, coffee and giveaways on campus at Open Day
  • a certificate of appreciation

What else do I need to know?

  • This is a critical role – you will introduce our visitors to Swinburne.
  • You’ll offer visitors direction to the courses they are interested in studying.
  • Pack show bags with course guides and programs.
  • You must know the Hawthorn campus extremely well.
  • Be willing to chat to our visitors and share your student experience.
  • This position is best suited to our most outgoing volunteers.
  • Stay warm in one of our lecture theatres.
  • You’ll make sure visitors are seated quickly prior to the start of each info session.
  • Track attendance, ensure the presenter has what they need and be our point guard to let us know if the presenter doesn’t arrive!
  • You’ll also manage the visitors as they exit the theatre, opening doors to ensure it is safe and timely.
  • This position is best suited to our volunteers who can manage time effectively.

Tour attendant
  • Behind every great tour is a great tour attendant!
  • We need you to help keep the tours running smoothly, ensuring groups are lined up in the right spot and that the tour leaders take the correct group.
  • You’ll also track attendance and let us know if the tour leader is late.
  • This position is best suited to our most confident volunteers.
  • This position will definitely cover off your gym session for the day.
  • You’ll be on the go most of the day using trolleys to move course guides, programs and water.
  • You’ll be a jack of all trades; crushing boxes, advising cleaners when the bins are full or bathrooms need attention, and running extra supplies to Swinburne staff.
  • You won’t need to interact very much with visitors.
  • This position is best suited to our active volunteers.

All volunteers are legally required to have a valid Working with Children Check (WWCC). The WWCC helps protect children from harm by screening people’s criminal records and professional conduct, and by preventing those who pose an unjustifiable risk to children from working with or caring for them. 

It’s free to apply for, and will be a great addition to your resume too!

Already got a WWCC? 

If you already have a WWCC but have not volunteered with Swinburne before, you’ll need to login to the WWCC website and add Swinburne Student Life as an organisation. 

Applying for a WWCC 

You’ll need 100 points of ID to complete the application. Once that’s sorted, proceed as follows: 

  1. Go to the Working with Children’s Check website
  2. Start your application for a new Volunteer Working With Children’s Check
  3. Under Occupational Field, select:
    • 48 Educational – TAFE colleges and divisions of universities providing VCE and/or VCAL 
  4. You will be given two options for verifying your identity online: 
    • International Students – select Verify my identity at Australia Post
    • Domestic Students – select Verify my identity online
  5. Once you have clicked to Sign and Submit, download your barcode and follow the instructions given.

If you have any questions about your Working with Children’s Check Application, you can find more information in this fact sheet, or contact the Volunteering team at

To be a volunteer at Open Day, you must attend one of the briefing sessions where we'll let you know all you need to know. You'll also receive your t-shirt and lunch vouchers at the briefing. 

  • Session 1: Tuesday 16 July, 10.30am – 12.00pm [BA201]
  • Session 2: Thursday 18 July, 2pm – 3.30pm [BA201]

Staff volunteers

Enjoy and experience the event you and your colleagues spend countless hours bringing to life each year. (And yes, there are perks for you too.)

If you’d like to volunteer for Open Day, make sure you secure approval from your manager and have a chat to them in advance about overtime or time off in lieu entitlements.

Perks for staff

As a registered staff volunteer, you’ll get:

  • lunch on us – we’ll give you a voucher to redeem lunch on the day
  • a Swinburne t-shirt to wear on the day (and keep)
  • to feel elated about the next generation of students and what they’ll achieve.

How do staff get involved?

If you are Swinburne staff and you would like to get involved, please email to let our team know. We will get in touch with further information. 

Got a question?

You can send your questions about volunteering at Open Day to our team at – we're happy to help.

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