"Cobalt Design have employed professional placement students every year since 2002.

At that time, we had the first group of Product Design Engineering (PDE) students embarking on their industry placements."

Cobalt Design Managing Director, Steve Martinuzzo

"Cobalt has always had a balanced mix of industrial designers and mechanical engineers, so at the time the newly-created PDE course offered a perfect combination of practical and design-friendly engineering.

Each of the 15-or so professional placement students who have worked at Cobalt have a healthy passion for innovation. These students consistently enrich our company and other staff through their curiosity and enthusiasm."

  • "Once on board, the students became integral members of project teams and their work has directly contributed to dozens of the new product developments we undertake for clients each year."

    Steve Martinuzzo , Principal (Managing Director), Cobalt Design

"Students value working at Cobalt too. They get to practice diverse engineering across a range of product technologies and work with clients from different industries.

We place a lot of importance on teamwork, and placement students know they are full and equal members of our team with the responsibilities and opportunities of any other product design professional.

Students also have long-term career opportunities within Cobalt, as well as workplace support through training and mentoring. We have employed many of our professional placement students as graduates after they completed the remainder of their studies.

Employers will greatly benefit by having professional placement students in their organisation as long as they can offer professional challenges, experiences and an inclusive, respected environment.”

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