At Swinburne, we are deeply committed to industry-relevant and technology-rich learning and teaching approaches that are distinctive for their authenticity and ability to meet contemporary needs. We achieve this through uncompromising focus on three key areas: graduate employability; digital-first; and high-quality teaching staff. 

Graduate employability 

Our priority is to provide our graduates with the lifelong skills, knowledge and mindsets to secure employment or to create their own businesses in a changing and globalised world. We believe that the best experience will be one designed around a learner’s own personal context and learning goals. Swinburne develops confident, socially and ecologically responsible and enterprising learners by placing the student at the centre of their learning with opportunities for them to develop and apply their skills and knowledge in contexts that stimulate, challenge, motivate and engage. 

All of these programs aim to produce well-rounded graduates:

  • Our Emerging Leaders program encourages exploration and development of vital employability skills.
  • The Design Factory Melbourne brings together students, research leaders, industry partners and entrepreneurs.
  • Our unique Professional Purpose program helps students explore, clarify and align their purpose with opportunities in the professional world, to distil what really matters to them.
  • Our Future of Work Lab provides a tech-enabled digital and physical collaborative platform where vocational students can experience the world of work alongside industry, teachers and peers.
My Professional Purpose

My Professional Purpose

Swinburne students and staff members describe their professional purpose and what it means to them.

  • “In keeping with Swinburne’s historical foundation to champion education that is transformative for the individual, everything we do in learning and teaching is consciously anchored to our guiding priorities of being industry relevant and connected with a digital-first approach.” 

    Chris Pilgrim , Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Chief Academic Officer

We co-create relevant curricula with stakeholders and provide partnership learning experiences because industry tells us that they value graduates who acquire relevant skills and knowledge in authentic learning environments. We make sure that students experience problem and project-based learning, real-world contexts and professional and global experiences to achieve social and economic impact. We are committed to providing opportunities for students to develop global awareness and multi-cultural and Indigenous cultural competencies; to learn and interact with people from diverse backgrounds to better understand and foster acceptance and open-mindedness; and to take advantage of local and global experiences and build diverse networks to prepare for a world of work unconstrained by time, place and culture. 

Swinburne Graduate Attributes

Swinburne Graduate Attributes

The Swinburne Graduate Attributes describe the capability of graduates to use knowledge, skills and behaviours to contribute to society meaningfully and positively.


Swinburne provides technology-rich learning and teaching environments to meet the expectations of contemporary learners and prepare graduates with the digital literacies and confidence to respond to technology requirements and opportunities in their field. We embrace the changes in our external context and recognise that through technology the nature of learning and work have changed. 

We know that students come to Swinburne with diverse backgrounds, cultures and full lives. Through digital-first approaches that are also student-centred, we provide our students with flexible learning options, award structures and targeted support that is appropriate to contemporary student lives and personal learning needs. 

Our key approaches include: 

  • Canvas: Swinburne’s flexible and integrated online learning management system and the core to our educational technology ecosystem.

  • Digital Literacies program including the Adobe Creative Campus: Swinburne is Australia’s first and only Adobe Creative Campus, a partnership created to ensure that all students have access to industry-standard Adobe Creative Cloud software and multiple opportunities to develop and practise their digital literacy skills.

  • Learning analytics: providing information to our academic staff to enhance and support student learning and learning environments.

  • Digital Literacies

    As Australia’s first and only Adobe Creative Campus, we are focused on ensuring that all students and staff have access to industry-standard software and multiple opportunities to develop and practice their digital literacy skills.

High-quality teaching staff 

Swinburne supports its teaching staff to enhance the student learning experience through quality teaching based on innovative and authentic pedagogies, informed by best practice and research. Our teaching staff engage reflectively with the critical ideas of learning and teaching and with the broader issues of justice, equity and belonging.  

We acknowledge the diversity of our teachers and are committed to making Swinburne a welcoming space for all. 

In keeping with our values, Swinburne is committed to employing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander teachers to Indigenise and decolonise pedagogies, curricula and assessments across higher education and vocational education at all levels, from certificates to higher degrees by research. The Moondani Toombadool Centre is responsible for all Indigenous matters at Swinburne, including learning and teaching, and our Reconciliation Action Plan is a specific commitment to the education and training of Indigenous persons. 

Moondani Toombadool Indigenous Higher Education Teaching and Learning Strategy

Moondani Toombadool Indigenous Higher Education Teaching and Learning Strategy

This strategy guides Indigenous teaching and learning across the higher education sector and makes a formal commitment to empowering Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and respecting the value and sovereignty of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander knowledges.

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