The Manufacturing Futures Research Institute team brings together expertise in manufacturing, nanomaterials, nanofabrication, Industry 4.0 and cutting-edge industrial design.

Research associates

Industry 4.0

Program leader: Professor Dimitrios Georgakopoulos

Industrial IoT

Associate Professor Prem Prakash Jayaraman

Associate Professor Jun Zhang

Associate Professor Kai Qin

Associate Professor Philip Branch

Cyber-physical machines, processes, humans and products (cyber twins)

Professor Xiaoqi Chen

Dr Mahnaz Shafiei 

Manufacturing solution development and optimisation (DevelOpt)

Professor Dimitrios Georgakopoulos

Dr Abhik Banerjee 

Dr Ali Yavari

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Digital design

Program leader: Associate Professor Boris Eisenbart

Design-driven product and manufacturing innovation  

Professor Anita Kocsis (stream leader)

Associate Professor Boris Eisenbart

Mixed-reality design and manufacturing

Dr Ambarish Kulkarni (stream leader)

Professor Kim Vincs

Associate Professor Boris Eisenbart

Design for sustainability

Professor Gavin Melles (stream leader)

Professor Geoffrey Brooks

Professor M Akbar Rhamdhani

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Intelligent robotics

Program leader: Dr Mats Isaksson

Field robotics

Associate Professor Jinchuan Zheng (theme leader)

Dr Daniel Prohasky — construction robotics

Dr Canhui Chen

Dr Gergana Rusenova

Artificial intelligence and autonomy

Dr Chris McCarthy (theme leader) 

Associate Professor Bao Quoc Vo — autonomous systems

Dr Jiong Jin — multi-agent systems and cloud robotics

Professor Ryszard Kowalczyk

Human-robot interaction

Professor Zhenwei Cao (theme leader)

Dr Mats Isaksson

Shanti Krishnan

Assistive robotics

Associate Professor Sonja Pedell (theme leader)

Professor XiaoQi Chen — bionic robot devices

Dr Michelle Dunn — bio-sensing

Dr Rifai Chai — brain machine interfaces

Dr John McCormick — biomechanics modelling and control

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Next generation materials

Program leader: Professor Baohua Jia


Professor Alan Lau

Dr Nishar Hameed

Nano materials and device

Professor Baohua Jia (stream leader)

Dr Han Lin

Professor Simon Moulton

Dr Mahnaz Shafiei

Smart materials and structure

Jay Sanjayan (stream leader)

Dr Hongjian Du

Energy harvesting and storage materials

Associate Professor Chenghau Sun (stream leader)

Dr Francois Malherbe

Associate Professor Aimin Yu

Dr Peter Mahon

Professor Baohua Jia

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