The Data Science Research Institute team brings together expertise in data science across a range of disciplines, including astrophysics, finance and economics, industry and medicine.

Leadership team

Research associates

Data analytics

Program leader: Professor Kai Qin

Machine Learning

Dr Hong Pan


Dr Irene Moser

Intelligent data analysis and applications

Dr Colin Jacobs

Data science platforms and systems

Program leader: Professor Jinjun Chen

Data Curation and Processing

Professor Jing He

Data Privacy

Han Xu

Financial technologies innovation


Dr Alireza Moayedikia

Dr Jeremy Nguyen

Financial Technologies on campus

Alexander Kaiser

Machine Learning and Augmented Finance

Dr Mardy Chiah

Supply chain analytics

Program leader: Dr Hadi Ghaderi


Dr Pei-Wei Tsai

Analytics and visualisation

Dr Abdur Rahim Mohammed Forkan

AI driven supply chains

Dr Alireza Moayedikia

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