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Professor Eva Kyndt
Acting Director CNeW

‘Learning & Development’

Professor Eva Kyndt is a globally recognized leader in emerging workforce and learning needs within complex organisations.

She’s a professorial research fellow at Swinburne Business school and leads CNeW’s research and product development in the workforce area.

Eva uses her deep expertise in human resources to partner with government and industry leaders across the globe to shape (national) strategy in lifelong learning and professional development.

Her research informed the development of the SAAS platforms of various start-up organisations supporting workers’ careers, wellbeing, and social learning.

Email: ekyndt@swinburne.edu.au

Dr. Agustin Chevez
Research Lead, Workplace Futures

‘Work informed design’

Gus is an Architect / research academic who is focused on discovering the notion of work and uncovering environments that best support our working lives.

He is interested in the relationship between people, space and technology which led to his PhD on the evolution of workplace architecture. His work has been presented at various international forums and published in both, academic and industry publications.

His TEDx talk: “Soufflés, gymnasts and the workplace of the future” illustrates some of his ideas on the future of work. He has contributed to workplace strategies for organisations in Australia, Singapore and New Zealand.

In his latest book: The Pilgrim's Guide to the workplace", Gus presents a path to a reimagined workplace.

Email: achevez@swin.edu.au

Sue Solly
Industry Lead, Workplace Innovation

‘Workplace experience’

Sue is the Industry Lead, Workplace Innovations for the Centre for the New Workforce at Swinburne University. She brings 30 years of workplace transformation experience working for architectural and consultancy firms on new workplace solutions across Australia and Asia Pacific.

She works co-creatively with leaders and their communities to reimagine how they work and to develop experience design strategies for the physical and digital workplaces that they inhabit. Areas of focus include creating connected communities, values driven design, workplace optimisation and how workplaces can foster culture, purpose and identity in a hybrid world.

She has worked with organisations such as Deloitte, RMIT, Energy Australia, International Towers, Citi and BHP and her work has been recognised with multiple industry awards including a Good Design Award in 2022 for the Design Strategy of Deloitte’s first hybrid workplace at Western Sydney.

Email: snsolly@swin.edu.au

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